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Village Profile

The Township of Otter Lake is a beautiful rural area surrounded by lakes and forests.
With a population of 1100 people, the Parc Leslie is a great tourist attraction for the village.
This brings local citizens and visitors from hours away all summer long.

In the heart of Otter Lake, you will find a variety of businesses to serve your needs including accommodations, restaurants, playgrounds, stores, hair salons and a post office.  A public library with computers and internet access, an elementary school and two churches add to the appeal of our community.

​Numerous lakes and rivers of varying sizes are accessible within minutes. Fishing is a main sport for both our residents and visitors and contribute to fishing tales that are unlike anywhere else.

Our beautiful forests were historically used to provide wealth from animal pelts, wood and saw logs. Today, they are prized for their natural beauty and coveted by locals and visitors as the perfect opportunity to experience nature through hunting, camping and hiking.

​For those who prefer to ride, trails abound for all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.


Year round, you can bet there are activities to keep your family healthy and happy.

Come visit us today!

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