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  1. Make Otter Lake online media more accessible to the general public

    • Create a Facebook page, Revamp the Website

    • This will help people discover Otter Lake, make them aware of its benefits and enhance 1st impressions of the town

  2.  Push for affordable internet service

    • Work with Will Amos, MRC

  3.  Promote Otter Lake as a desirable place to make your home

    • Enhance the look of the town – “Tidy Towns”, flowers

    • Advertise in tourist/cottager magazines

    • Aerial video – Publish on Website, Facebook page

    • Create a promotional brochure and distribute via Tourist info, shows, stores

  4. Exploit Leslie Park

    • Joint workshop with Council & Leslie park on opportunities

    • Subsequent workshop with Council / Leslie / FRC (FARR)

    • See prior document of ideas

  5.  408 Tessier – Continue to work development ideas

  6. Support new business ideas as they are brought forward

  7. Maintain Roads

  8.  More recreational activities

    • Put Otter Lake on the map as a destination

    • Create an attraction: Eg antique cars, fishing derby

    • Attract quad clubs, walking trail  

  9.  Retirement services

    • Develop services that help seniors remain at home

    • Determine the need/capability for retirement residences

  10.  Multi-use building (library, interpretive centre, computers, offices)

    • Determine feasibility

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