Lakes and Boat Washing

The Municipality of Otter Lake is home to many lakes. It is directly linked to the TNO (territoires non organisés) which is home to many more lakes. The lakes are a key reason tourists visit Otter Lake and their preservation and protection is crucial to the future of Otter Lake. We all need to work together so future generations can continue to swim, fish, boat and enjoy the privileges that come with the lakes.   ​

Boat Wash Station

The Municipality has a free boat washing station located at the
Municipal Hall (15 Palmer Street). 

  • Zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, water chestnuts and other invasive species could be introduced into our lakes by unwashed boats and other vessels.

  • These foreign invaders, their eggs or spores, move from lake to lake when they are attached to a boat or are carried by water into the holds of boats.

  • Everyone must do their part to ensure that they do not introduce dangerous species that would destroy our lakes. 

  • Boat washing will help protect the lakes. If the lakes die, part of the economic engine of our region also dies. 

It is critical that everyone understands the importance of washing boats and comply before they launch.​

Lake Associations

Various associations have been formed by residents and seasonal cottagers to help the community conserve the integrity and diversity of our natural resources.

Click here for the GORA/ARGO- Lakes: Farm, Hughes, Little Hughes, McCuaig  

Click here for the Clark Lake Association – Lac Clark  

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