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Taxation Payments

  • See By-Laws-Finance and Taxation for the latest assessment tax rates

  • The interest rate for late payments is set at 18%

  • Tax bills of more than $300.00 can be paid in 3 installments:

    • 1st Payment of 40% due April 1

    • 2nd payment of 30% due July 1

    • 3rd payment of 30% due September 1

Taxation Payments


Taxation invoices are mailed out each year to the address on record in the Municipality. Please notify the Municipal Office of any change of address, complete the detachable coupon with the Notice of Assessment or send us an e-mail.

Taxes can be paid by: Cheque, Money Order, Cash or Debit at the Municipal office. They may also be paid through your Financial institution.

Cheques or money orders must be made payable to the Municipality of Otter Lake. For a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Financial institutions - online, by telephone or in person

Most financial institutions offer Internet, telephone or in-person bill payments. To set up a payment, use the 10-digit account number shown on your bill. If this does not work, contact your bank’s help desk. Your financial institution may charge a fee for this service. Please allow at least 3 business days for the Municipality to receive payment from your financial institution.


According to the law, your tax account is subject to interests and penalties, and this also includes invoicing for transfer tax / welcome tax (articles 246 and 247 of the Act respecting municipal taxation). The law also provides that it is the responsibility of the ratepayer to ensure that all tax payments are made within the prescribed time frame, even if he/she has not received a statement or invoice. 

Also, the Municipality cannot remit or credit any interest for any reason - more precisely, according to article 981 of the Municipal Code of Quebec, neither Council nor a municipal officer can remit interest on a ratepayer’s account.

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