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Transfer Station/ Recycling/ Composting

577 Highway 301, Otter Lake, Quebec J0X 2P0


8:00 am - 5:00 pm:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Household waste, tires, metals, paints, appliances, batteries and brush (4 inches or smaller only) are accepted without additional charge.

There are additional costs, however, for the following items:



Kitchen Chairs (10-15 lbs)


Large Sofa (100-150 lbs)


Love Seat


Arm Chairs


Mattresses (regular) 100 lbs


Dressers (Large)


Mattresses (queen) 150 lbs


Dressers (Small)


Box Springs (40-50 lbs)


Carpet/Underlayments (40-50 lbs)




*Construction Materials

*Construction Materials include:
lumber, drywall, insulation, etc


See the transfer station custodian for prices

Clean-up Days

Periodically the Municipality arranges clean-up days where all materials, except for construction materials*, are accepted at no cost.


2024 Clean-up Days: June 1-2


Click here to see materials accepted and refused at the Otter Lake Transfer Station

Recyclables must be put in a clear bag, if bags are used. Cardboard is to be flattened and tied


The Municipality has a composter at the Transfer Station. Below is a list of suitable and unsuitable materials:


  • Shellfish

  • Cardboard egg packaging

  • Flour, sugar

  • Flowers and plants

  • Fruits (all)

  • Seafood without shell

  • Vegetables

  • Coffee  and filters

  • Eggs (and shells)

  • Breads, biscuits and cereals

  • Colorless non-gloss paper

  • Fish (bones)

  • Fried potatoes

  • Residue of compost

  • Food leftovers (fresh or cooked)

  • Tea bags

  • Shredded paper bags,

  • Sawdust and wood shavings litter (except cedar)

  • Paper towels without color

  • Cooked meat (and small bones)


  • Treated, varnished or painted wood

  • Metal or plastic plugs

  • Rubber, elastics

  • Ashes, lime and earth

  •  Juice or milk containers

  • Cords and strings

  • Envelopes and color prints

  • Food plastic film

  • Chewing gum

  • Liquids such as broths, sauces, soups

  • Cat and dog litter 

  • Cigarette butts, tobacco

  • Aluminum and other metals

  • Waxed or colored paper

  • Plastics, plastic pouches

  • Chemical products

  • Grass clippings

  • Vacuum cleaner bags

  • Textiles and leathers

  • Plastic utensils and plates

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