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Our Emblem


Green Border

The green of the coat of arms is a reference to the forest, but also to nature in general which surrounds or frames us in our everyday lives. The riches of our forests are many. We must remember that our forests have contributed almost exclusively to our economic development. Since the beginning, our forests were used to provide us with a wealth of animal pelts and wood. At first we looked towards wood logs, and then a bit later we focused on saw timbers. Today, our forests and green spaces are prized much more as a valuable asset bursting with natural beauty coveted by locals and visitors to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Blue Border

Blue obviously represents the numerous waterways (lakes and rivers) that give Otter Lake its picturesque landscape. People here have fishing tales unlike anywhere else. Our lakes and rivers give us a variety of fish species, such as pike, pickerel or walleye, bass and different species of trout (lake trout and speckle). In addition to offering recreation and places of peace and quiet, our waterways have also contributed to our economic development. The men of these parts knew the challenges of log floating or driving. Many have also lost their lives. One of the most important waterways for log drivers was Otter Lake. Upstream from the lake we find the Picanoc River. The logs probably started their long adventure here. Their lengthy voyage used this route towards the Gatineau River to finally end their journey in Hull. Even if we call it Otter Lake, this body of water actually has a small current since it is in fact a widening of the Picanoc river. Furthermore, while we face the Picanoc upstream, downstream we face the Five Miles. It is likely due to the influence of this waterway that the village got its name. It should be noted that the lake which is in the centre of the village is not Otter Lake, but is actually Farm Lake.

The Yellow/ Gold Colour:

While providing contrast to the other colours, yellow/ gold is also a reference to light and the sun, wich are ever present in Otter Lake. Yellow is also the colour of joy, of being in good spirits, and of warmth.

The Otter

The Otter is of course a reference to Otter Lake. According to tradition, otters were omnipresent in this waterway. These days, even if we don’t see them as much, otters do appear every once in a while to show us that they are indeed still there despite the challenges of our times. According to native tradition, the otter is a symbol of joy, helpfulness, kindness and freedom. Otters like to be in groups while still enjoying their own independence. The otter is an animal that loves play, which makes it one of the exceptions of the animal kingdom. We impart the quality of freedom to the Otter because it is just as at home in water as it is on land. Its kindness and cooperation make it a helpful little soul, always ready to assist its fellow creatures. Thus, the otter in our coat of arms represents in many cases the people of Otter Lake.

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