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Security Services

Call 911 should an emergency occur
For situations that are not an emergency call: 819-648-2141 or 819-648-2831

Police services for the municipality of Otter Lake are provided by Sûreté du Québec, 
MRC Pontiac Detachment, located at 1320, Route 148 in Campbell’s Bay.


Otter Lake Neighbourhood Watch

The Municipality of Otter Lake is pleased to have its very own Neighborhood Watch program. This program is run by volunteers with the help of Otter Lake municipal council and the Quebec police force. 
The primary objective of the Neighborhood Watch program is to promote a sense of security in the municipality and to reduce the number of thefts in the area due to breaking and entering. Neighborhood Watch signs are placed across the area as a reminder to everyone of this important initiative. 
With everyone taking responsibility and ownership of their community, the Neighborhood Watch program can be a continued success. 

If you are aware of any criminal or suspicious activity that your neighbours would benefit from knowing, please post it on the Facebook site(click on link above) or provide the information to one of the volunteers. Call 911 or the Quebec police force (819-648-2141) to report any crimes in progress.


Ivan Leblanc 819-453-7290
Ricky Lavigne 819-453-2064
Douglas Gauthier 819-453-7230
Robin Zacharias 819-453-2229

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