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Emergency Services

Show your civic number and call 911 should an emergency occur


  • #115     Emergency medical rescue, 2017 dodge ¾ ton truck, 4x4

  • #215      Tanker-pumper, 2009 International, 2,500 US gallons

  • #225      Tanker-pumper, 1997 Freightliner F80, 800 US gallons


Otter Lake is connected to the 911 Emergency Services

Emergency Staff

  • We are proud to have on our team 20 firefighters, of which 3 are women.

  • 12 of our staff are first responders who have level 3 training. This is the highest level for emergency response.

Chief / Director

Denis Chaussé


Guy Lafleur

Safety Officer

Jean Paul Lafleur

Assistant  Director

Lee Vadneau


Russel Lance
Mark Ladouceur
Randy Richard
Terry Lafleur

Chief of Operations

Ronnie Vadneau

Supervisor of First

Caroline Gagné

  • The Otter Lake Fire Department dates back before the 1950’s.

  • The first fire chief on record was Melvin Hahn, followed by Charles Beriau, then Rodney Vadneau.

  • Denis Chaussé became the fire chief in 2018.

Disaster Support

In the event of a disaster, the Municipal Council together with the Fire Department coordinates the appropriate response.


The disaster plan includes the Raymond Johnston Community Centre which has heating, air conditioning, a back-up generator, and the internet. It would be used as a reception centre for residents.  

Open Air Fires
Without a Fire Pit: See Fire burning by-law

Allowed from November 15 to March 15 with a permit

Permits can be obtained at the Fire Department.

With a Fire Pit: See Fire burning by-law


Fire risk

To find out if the fire risk in the municipality is high or low, please refer to the signs which
have been installed in suitable locations eg.  Millenium Park. These signs indicate the
current forest fire risk.

Please note that when the risk is high or extreme (that is yellow or red on the signs),
open fires are strictly prohibited.


LOW - This is a good time to burn waste and make camp fires

MODERATE -  Make only small fires

HIGH - Do not light fires or burn waste if wind speed exceeds 20 km/h

EXTREME - Avoid making fires


Open Fires

For your information, please find attached a little brochure describing the details of open fires and compliant outdoor fireplaces as it pertains to MRC fire prevention by-law #271-2021. Feel free to share with your residents, add to your website or, as others have done, print off and mail with your municipal tax bills.

Download brochure

Fire Prevention

Verify your smoke alarms

The smoke alarm is the best way to save your life and that of your family. Install at least one smoke detector on each floor including the basement. Check their proper operation, whether they are battery or electric. Replace batteries when the time changes i.e. each 6 months.

  • Replace smoke alarms as recommended by the manufacturer, usually every 10 years.

  • Be cautious with flammable liquids and fuels.

  • Each home can harbor potentially harmful household products such as; alcohol, paint, pesticides, gasoline, heating oil, etc.

  • Never smoke when handling flammable or combustible liquids.

  • Never use flammable liquids such as gasoline to light a barbecue or fireplace.

  • Always store flammable and combustible liquids in their original containers away from sources of ignition and out of reach of children.

Prevent kitchen fires

  • Kitchens have their dangers (burns, fires).

  • Never heat oil in a pot for frying.

  • Use a thermostatically controlled deep fryer.

  • For cooking, use a pot with a diameter greater than or equal to the heating on the stove and always keep a lid handy.

  • Keep children and pets away when cooking appliances are on.

  • Never leave a stove unattended.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Every house should have a fire extinguisher that is readily accessible.

  • Fire extinguisher should be checked annually to ensure they are full

Beware of chimney fires

  • Cleaning your chimney at a minimum once (1) per year can prevent chimney fires. Cleaning brushes are available at the Municipal Hall during regular office hours.

Do you have an escape plan?

  • In case of fire it is highly recommended that every home have an escape plan. To ensure safety, each individual living in the household should know the escape plan.

Fire Works
Fire works are only permitted during the following Holidays. For more information contact the Municipal Office.


Victoria Day


Civic Holiday Weekend


Quebec National Holiday


Labour Day Weekend


Canada Day

Safety Precautions


After each snowfall, clear your house exits – door entrances, balconies and stairways. 

A poorly cleared exit can interfere with a safe evacuation in the event of a fire.

Your home contains dangerous household products such as gasoline, paint, chlorine, propane etc.

In order to prevent fires and effects on your health, use, handle and store hazardous household products safely.

For example store gasoline away from chlorine and avoiding excessive accumulation of these products.

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